Five ways to add value to your home this weekend

Are you looking for cost-effective ways to add value to your home? Would you like to increase your potential selling price or valuation without spending the earth?

When it comes to renovating, costs can spiral out of control if you are not careful. So this list has been prepared with frugal-ness top of mind!

1. Paint your front door.
It’s amazing what a difference a good first impression makes. I normally advise sticking to neutral tones when painting inside or out but when it comes to your front door – don’t be afraid to go bold. Ask the paint salesperson for advice about what’s popular and take a photo of your home with you so you can ask their advice when choosing a colour.

No matter what colour you choose, a fresh coat of paint will make your home look more modern and fresh.

2. New shower head and toilet seats
Simple changes but so often overlooked. You can buy new showerheads and toilet seats for a relatively small cost and instantly make your bathroom appear more modern without taking on a full renovation. For bonus points – update the shower curtain while you’re there if you have one.

3. New kitchen cupboard handles.
Did you know that most kitchen cupboard handles are a standard size? And you can buy new, modern handles at most large hardware stores starting at around $5 each. Most handles can be taken out and replaced with nothing more than a screwdriver.

Tip: Take one of your old handles along to the store with you to ensure you get the right size. Also, you may need a small saw to cut the screws on the new handles down to size – so check that you have one or grab a cheap one while you’re at the store as well.

4. Invest in storage.
You would be blown away by how much value you can add just by de-cluttering. Effective storage clears floor space, making your home feel bigger and more spacious. Go one step further and donate anything you haven’t touched in 12 months to your charity store. Someone out there probably needs it more than you.

5. Find more sun.
The 2 most important (and valuable) property features are sun aspect and location. With that in mind, are there trees on your property stopping your home from getting as much sun as it should be? Give them a healthy trim to maximise your sunshine. It’s cheap to hire power tools for this sort of thing. Or invest in your own so you can keep on top of overgrown trees and hedges in future. Please stay safe though! If you would rather get a professional in, get in touch with me and I’ll put you in touch with a local arborist who can help.


Tony Skilling

Taranaki Real Estate Consultant
Arizto, Licensed REAA 2008
Mobile: 020 486 6975
Email: [email protected]