Moving to Taranaki

A transforming region where your career, family and lifestyle can flourish

Ask anyone around here and they’ll tell you – you couldn’t ask for a better place to build a life. Taranaki’s humming. We’re also welcoming and friendly with a strong sense of pride, community, and whānau.

Lifestyle like no other

If you’re seeking that great and easy lifestyle, with abundant opportunities to live, learn, work and play – you’ll find it here. No matter your age, background or beliefs, Taranaki is where you can create a real future for yourself, and your family.

Right around our ancestral Maunga (which is truly at the heart of life here) you’ll find vibrant, diverse and forward-thinking communities. A world-renowned arts and culture scene. A bustling food, drink and entertainment industry. Thriving sports clubs and facilities (Paige Hareb and the Barrett brothers are just the tip of iceberg). A growing, sustainable and future- focused economy. Quality high-school, tertiary and vocational education options. Increasingly varied career paths. Fresh air. Abundant nature. And all the opportunity, possibility and nourishment you’ll
need, right on your doorstep.

Create a brighter future

If you want to leave the big city behind without losing those big city opportunities – this is it. Growing, but far from crowded. Independent, but connected to the world. Taranaki really is a place where you can have your cake (workwise) and eat it (lifestyle). Find the freedom and time to be yourself. Discover what’s important. Live life to the full. Create a brighter future. Embrace a way of living as diverse as it is rewarding. More and more people from around New Zealand and the world are doing just that, and we’re pleased to welcome them to our place, for the opportunity of a lifetime.

But don’t take our word for it. Taranaki’s opportunity and lifestyle has to be experienced to be believed.

Future-focused and connected

We have a thriving and increasingly sustainable economy. With super-smart entrepreneurs, new technology, specialised food production, and hospitality. Some of New Zealand’s most unique and diverse tourism, arts, and culture. And world-class events that attract thousands. We’re at the forefront of the transformation of New Zealand’s food and energy sectors with game-changing projects such as sustainable hydrogen fuel production.

It’s about thinking outside the box and capitalising on clever local innovation, something we’ve never been short of. There are so many examples. Like diversifying land use so sheep and beef run alongside high-yield quinoa production because it just might work – and guess what, it does, really well.

Creating a better world

We’re fiercely protective of our unique environment. Through multiple schemes and projects, we plan to keep it that way. Initiatives like Ara Ake, New Zealand’s new energy development centre, will help the whole country move towards a low- emissions future.

We’ve been doing massive riparian planting and reforestation for decades. Our Kiwi and native species regeneration is ahead of its time. We’re leading the way in predator eradication. We’ve opened New Zealand’s first totally ‘green’ school. And we plan to be a zero-waste region by 2040. We also care – we want everyone in our region to be able to share and participate in our great quality of life.

A sustainable future

Taranaki has played a foundational role throughout Aotearoa New Zealand’s history. Today we’re leading the drive towards a prosperous and sustainable future with fresh thinking and an innovative spirit. Vibrant and stunningly beautiful, our ancestral Maunga guides and protects us, stretching to the Tasman sea and an endless horizon. A horizon we’re looking beyond.

Full of life

The spirit of our Maunga has guided people here for hundreds of years. It’s central to who we are and the mauri, or spirit of the region. Today our lifestyle is second to none. Our communities are enthusiastic, vibrant and creative. There is a focus on high-quality education. We have great schools, some leading the way in the secondary sector, as well as supportive and life-changing tertiary, and vocational institutions. Crucially, we have the freedom, time and balance to live, work and learn. Here you’ll also find a new breed of specialised farms, gardens (some in our urban spaces) and markets providing all sorts of fresh, healthy produce. A wave of new eateries and bars to fuel your passions. World-class concerts and events, and New Zealand’s only dedicated contemporary art gallery. Along with natural attractions like our (world recognised) gardens, walkways, rivers, forests and beaches – everywhere you look.

Whether you’re a local (or thinking about becoming one), visiting, learning, investing or looking to do business, we have all the opportunity, possibility and nourishment you’ll ever need, right on our doorstep.

New Plymouth: Most Liveable City

New Plymouth was awarded the most liveable city in the world (for a population between 75,000-150,000) by the International Awards for Liveable Communities.

It’s no fluke as we won the same award in 2008, and it follows on the back of recent accolades for the Bowl of Brooklands being named New Zealand’s best large event venue.

Taranaki urban areas

New Plymouth suburbs

New Plymouth satellite towns