How to attract home buyers online

When your property finds its way into the search results of a potential buyer, you have mere seconds to make the right impression. To ensure your property stands out from the crowd.

How do you know if your strategy is working? It’s all about buyer enquiry. More enquiry turns into more visits, which leads to more offers and a better end result.

Here are 7 tips you can use to maximise buyer enquiry for your property.

Tip 1. Choose the right main photo.

If you want to maximise interest from potential buyers online, it all starts with the main photo you select. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an exterior shot. Think about which aspect of your home is most likely to appeal to your target market along with considering which photo is the most visually attractive. Bonus points if it ties in with your advert headline in some way.

Tip 2. Use drone shots or twilight photos to make your home stand out.

It’s always helpful to have multiple choices for your main photo. Drone shots and twilight photos are especially useful as they will look different from all the other properties in search results on property portal websites.

It can be worth paying extra for these services to help attract more visitors to your home.

Tip 3. Make your home a premium listing online.

Put your home at the top of the list online by investing in a premium listing. It’s usually the best online marketing money can buy.

Tip 4. Provide a price indication if you can.

Providing a price guide of some sort increases the level of buyer enquiry with most properties. It needs to be a realistic price though as buyers are highly sensitive to over-priced properties.

Tip 5. Have a useful or interesting headline.

This is where you should place most of your effort after choosing your main photo. You either want to tell buyers exactly what they are buying, or allude to the kind of life they will be able to live if they buy your home. Keep your target market in mind and think about what is important to them.

Tip 6. Provide lots of photos.

Buyers appreciate having access to lots of information and the best way to achieve that is to provide as many photographs as you can. Naturally, you want to avoid using any shots that are unflattering or unattractive but don’t be afraid to add photos of your laundry space, paths, or garage space. While they don’t usually make for the prettiest photos, they are important features to your potential buyers.

Tip 7. Write a long, detailed advert.

Interested buyers will read everything they can about your property. This is your chance to sell them on buying your home by explaining what they can expect when they live there. The more info you can provide, the better. Don’t be afraid to divulge a weakness too. Eg. “There are a few steps up from the street to the front door but once you are inside you will cherish the privacy and sun aspect that this elevated position enjoys.”

Buyers appreciate realism in property adverts and it’s better to explain any features that might provide a negative first impression upfront. That way, potential buyers know what to expect when they visit your home in person.

Thinking of making a move?

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